What is the grade of FiCardina women's shoes

"Kadina women's shoes and Yierkang are good" Yierkang is good, with old brand, high grade and trustworthy shoe quality. Yierkang is a well-known brand in the leather shoes industry in China. It is committed to the research, development, production and sales of leather shoes, leisure clothing and their supporting products, and its business network is all over the country. It attaches great importance to quality and innovation in shoes manufacturing. It is a national shoes brand. And kadina is

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"Which one has a good reputation?". Belle is a mid tier product, while Cardina is a popular product. They use different materials due to different workmanship and sales methods. The materials used by Belle are artificial. Cardina is made by factory machines.

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"Which is more famous, Cardina Women's Shoes or Leersdan?" Leersdan. Leersdan takes the high-end route. Cardina is a brand owned by Hassan, which is a mid-range route. The performance of the shopping mall is below that of Lai ↑ Er Dan every year. Not particularly popular.

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"Is Cardina the high-end of Hassan?" Cardina women have better quality and more widely used places. Hasen women's shoes mainly have two sub brands, Hasen and Cardina. Cardina belongs to a popular shoe brand, and the two styles have their own advantages. Cardinal Hasen is a low-end brand. Hasen can be regarded as a first-line brand in China. Although there are few products, they are all boutiques.

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Third tier brand. KADINA (Cardina) women's shoes is a brand under Hasen. The brand was founded in 1996 and ushered in a new transformation in 2014. The styles of shoes are diverse, integrating multiple fashion mysteries. Cardina has more than 400 stores and counters in 130 cities in Chinese Mainland. We sincerely invite every beautiful woman who enjoys independence and explores unknown possibilities to feel the ups and downs of fashion trends together and to pursue the delicate balance and harmony between endless "things" and "me". The design of shoes throughout the season is extended around natural colors, bringing infinite vitality to the colorful spring. Other brands under Hasen from Taiwan: 1. Carvin Women's Shoes Carvin targets young women in the bloom and female customers who maintain the mentality of young women in the bloom, carefully selects materials and accessories, uses distinctive decorations and splicing, adheres to its own design characteristics, sticks to its own creative inspiration, and strives to become a fashion trendsetter in the field of girl's shoes design. 2. Ailver Women's Shoes Ailver brand takes travel as the core concept. We take people with travel needs as our core consumer group to meet their needs for business, vacation, adventure and other travel shoes; At the same time, it is equipped with considerate travel equipment and information services. "Comfort" is the selling point of Ailv'er brand; The simple and diversified style perfectly integrates the fashionable attitude and practical function.

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"What brands are Cardina women's shoes?" is the second brand of Hassan, probably the third line.