How about making women's shoes in the county? How about Daphne joining us?

"How about making women's shoes in the county? How about Daphne joining us?" Daphne's price is in line with your requirements. It's either leather or PU. It's uncomfortable to wear. It's very tiring to walk

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"Are you optimistic about the stores that represent< Daphne> women's shoes in county-level cities?" I don't think so. Recently, "Daphne" is dominated by women's shoes. The Chinese themselves have no concept of women's shoes. The price is not low, and the style is relatively old. It's better to have a "Tianmeiyi teenmix", even if it's a girl in the county. Acceptable

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"About the joining of" Daphne "and other brands", the brands that have done well in leather shoes are basically direct stores, because the profits of leather shoes are low and the risks are high. Franchisees are not very easy to operate. Consider clothing, too. Although clothing competition is fierce, a woman must buy more clothes than shoes in a period of time. The market is much larger. If you want to join in the clothing industry, please contact me. Q79...

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People in the small county town actually don't have much requirements for the brand, mainly because it is practical, beautiful and reasonable in price

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"At present, we want to invest in Daphne Women's Shoe franchise stores in our county. Is this rate of return worth investing?" To open a brand women's shoes franchise store, you should first check your local consumption level and wearing habits. Different brands have different requirements for franchisees. If you have enough capital and experience, you can consider Baili, but if you are starting a business for the first time, you can consider lower cost brands, such as City Lover, Citysigd, etc., with high profits

Daphne should not sell well in the county. It is also a small county. I understand that it is recommended that both men and women should make shoes. The county suggests that such brands as Qipin Sesame, Yierkang and Senda with high cost performance. "I want to join a brand women's shoes counter in a mall in our county. How about Daphne?" It is also OK. If you want a brand of women's shoes with high cost performance, you can look at "Aigou City". This is a women's shoes wholesale network, which supports free participation, and can also guarantee transactions. Their products have high cost performance and good quality.

"Join Daphne?" Daphne Women's Shoes is a first-line brand, which is quite good. The price is medium to high-end. It depends on where you are in the county. It should be said that it is good. A friend of mine did it in the county, which is good!