Do you think it's reasonable that I cut the price in half when I bought clothes in the pedestrian street?

"When I bought clothes in the pedestrian street, I cut the price in half. Do you think it is reasonable?" You are still weak. Last time, a pair of leather shoes cost 198 yuan, and 70 yuan was settled. Now that shoe is 228.

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"Dear friends in Shenzhen, how can we bargain for clothes in Dongmen Commercial Street?" Generally, it's about 25-30 yuan! Be careful when shopping there! The price was so high that I didn't dare to bargain with him, but finally I bought the clothes for more than 200 yuan! Stunning~But some stores will swear, so you must be careful to bargain. He looks fierce and drags

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The price of the "bargaining problem of buying clothes" is cut in half. Except in big shopping malls, where there are marked prices, when we buy in night market stalls and big markets, they usually have a lot of false prices. So when we bargain, we directly cut the price in half. If we can't slowly increase the price, we can bargain again and again and negotiate again and again

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If it is too low, cut it by two thirds. "Are you going to cut the price of clothes by half?" When buying clothes, you must bargain, which is necessary. But as for how much you cut, I think it mainly depends on the shopping mall or this. The price rule of the market, like that of general shopping malls, cannot be haggled, but can only be appropriately discounted. Like the general wholesale market and market, it will be cut to less than half

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"Go shopping to buy clothes and bargain with the woman who sells clothes. Although the bargain was successful in the end, the woman's attitude was not good, so I didn't buy it. As a result, when I left," you bargain with others. People are not very happy with the loss of others' money. It's very common when you buy things. It's normal for people to be angry that you cut the price for so long without buying others' things. But she also has something wrong. She shouldn't scold you. She should be open-minded. You are here to think, also

"Do you have any experience of bargaining when you buy clothes?" However, if you like fashion, but your income is not very high, then it is unnecessary to spend so much money to buy brand clothes. In fact, as long as you buy clothes with beautiful styles and good quality, you will be satisfied. This kind of people is the most suitable for buying clothes in private stores. They can not only bargain, but also have beautiful styles and low quality